Wednesday, March 25, 2009

150 miles to go - and just 2 more days.

Yuha Desert

This am was one of the miserable ones. A cold night left muscles
cramped and stiff, a long up hill to start the ride, and me starting
to think too far ahead- to the finish in 3 days. Finally got to the
top after 13 miles, stripped off a few layers of clothes and refocused
on the next little bit.

Am about to enter CA at Ehrenberg. The next two days look pretty tough.

Seven hours later...

I set out about 1 pm across 40 miles of the most inhospitable desert
yet. It was the first land since East Texas that wasn't fenced: no
livestock could survive- all alkali flats and basalt rubble. Got to
Glamis about 5:15 and the only store is closed. I could camp around
here or head out (next town is 30 miles on). I had wanted to go about
ten of those miles but had hoped for more food than I've got. Guess
I'll go for it as I want to make this a real long day so the last day
can be short. Just need to scare up some water.
Arizona desert

I think there are angels and cloud beings in San Diego too...
anyway, carry on,

Go Subagh!! San Diego is the true thither point of the US (NASA uses it as their thither point) and you are now only 3 days away. I am so happy for you. Be careful as you come in for your landing--the last mile is the most dangerous. Felicidades!!!! David

Love to both of you, especially SubaghS’s knees.- Paul B

I'm having too much fun watching this and have decided there must be a slight change of plans. When you get to San Diego you can rest for 3 days (familiar number) but then you need to go thru resurrection and decide to bike to..say... Spokane!.. that's it.. Spokane!.. just follow US 1 from San Diego North... it pretty much goes there thru the best scenery you've ever seen...
well think it over.. your fans would enjoy the ride
Douglas M