Monday, March 9, 2009

Round Top, TX

I met these 4 lovelies at Round Top, Texas, population 77 and about the nicest spot I've passed through.
Each day, each mile, has it's own challenges: wind, hills, traffic, flats, and so on. I've given up hoping for any special favors and am just taking it as it comes
From: Doug Mac

The good news is that Texas is flat, dry and boring and the wind is in your face, the bad news is that after that there are mountains!
Man I wish I was with you... Although I'm pretty sure that I'm enjoying wathcing this as much or more than you are enjoying doing it. :-)
With you in spirit my brother, admiring your determination and rejoicing in the growth of spiritual understanding thru undertaking a ritual initiation.
If you think about quitting, call 585.256.3221, I'll talk you out of it.
please say hi to Subaugh
Be Well