Thursday, March 19, 2009

the last of the empty spaces before hitting I-10

The Mystic Heart website is up and running! Check it out:

Another great day. A long descent all day to El Paso ending in
another$30 motel and a Thai meal. Had 3(!) flats today

There's about 900 miles to San Diego and although I seem to be wearing
down nothing is breaking down so I can hope I'll make it.

Bought some blanket material to supplement my bed roll- it's been very
cold at night(although hot and dry during most of the day).

You are almost out of Texas!! Just a smidgen of NM then to AZ and finally the sunshine sate.
As for that debris.... what kind of art could you make from these American artifacts? The sculpture would be 10 feet high. Roger says, "Remember... pain is inevitable, but misery is optional (quote from...??) and we are proud of your amazing journey."
Connie and Roger

My encouragement goes along with all the others on your blog. The Big Bend country is some of my most favorite in the world. Perhaps your journey doesn’t carry you down into the National Park but the sunsets on the Del Carmine are outstanding. It is God’s country in that it is said that after God created the world he deposited the debris in the Big Bend – but what beautiful debris it is for those with eyes to see. My younger days took me on a bicycle trip from Scotland to Rome but nothing like the mileage you are covering . WOW!! We wish you meditative miles full of rich contemplation Joe Adams for Gail and Jessica too

Just visited the blogspot and read most entries. What a trip. Kudos to the man, idea, spirit, fortitude.
I couldn't get onto the reply pages, so please pass on my well wishes for a safe trip, and hope that the wind is always in the direction he wishes.

Best again,
david gray