Wednesday, March 25, 2009

150 miles to go - and just 2 more days.

Yuha Desert

This am was one of the miserable ones. A cold night left muscles
cramped and stiff, a long up hill to start the ride, and me starting
to think too far ahead- to the finish in 3 days. Finally got to the
top after 13 miles, stripped off a few layers of clothes and refocused
on the next little bit.

Am about to enter CA at Ehrenberg. The next two days look pretty tough.

Seven hours later...

I set out about 1 pm across 40 miles of the most inhospitable desert
yet. It was the first land since East Texas that wasn't fenced: no
livestock could survive- all alkali flats and basalt rubble. Got to
Glamis about 5:15 and the only store is closed. I could camp around
here or head out (next town is 30 miles on). I had wanted to go about
ten of those miles but had hoped for more food than I've got. Guess
I'll go for it as I want to make this a real long day so the last day
can be short. Just need to scare up some water.