Monday, March 16, 2009

MacDonald Observatory and bike seat

I did a total of 110 miles today, my longest day. The Observatory is a 30 mile climb from Ft. Davis, some of it real steep going up to 6800 ft. After this it was a mostly downhill ride for 30 miles or so, ending at sundown. I camped along Highway 118, and probably no more than 4 cars passed me all night. It's been a real privilege to be in such empty places.

From Connie and Roger:

Subagho - We know exactly where you are today. As you ride from Alpine, through Fort Davis (there are good stores to stock up on in these towns, as well as decent Mexican food) and beyond, look out for the pesky javalinas while you camp! Those critters will sniff out your food at night and grub around for your goods. Protect yourself.
Last year we rode that stretch from Ft. Davis up the hill to the McDonald observatory, so we send you strength and smiles as you enjoy the tailwind we're sending your way. Keep up the strength and positive outlook. I think riding through Texas is a wonderful way to test your attitude. I look forward to debriefing with you. Thanks so much for your updates, we are following along. California's comin'!!!

Well... looks as tho you finally found it..the middle of nowhere!

Day 23, outside Alpine TX

Still pretty empty.

Yesterday was a killer. Climbed slowly but steadily all day with a
significant head wind and rarely got over 10 mph. Didn't finish until
almost 7:30. Slept, cold on the side of the road- no tent, hidden in
the grass.

With no cars there is real silence, just faint natural sounds. A raare
gift to be this away.

This am was the coldest ride ever; 3 hours in the dark to Alpine, 33 degrees.

Oy vey, the road you're traveling sounds challenging --- thank you for making me very grateful for my comfortable bed, warm house, and hot meals, to say nothing of friends to talk with. Helen