Thursday, March 12, 2009

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to Subagho I want to let you know how much I love to read and see what is posted and cheer you on from Brighton. ---and Subagha-you are, as always, doing such a nice back office job.

Bracketville, TX, Day 20

River I followed upstream from Hunt, Texas.

The very top of the Texas hill country.

The last two days have been pretty amazing. I started yesterday in high winds and after a while, a heavy rain. Although the road went up and down, I basically climbed for 70 miles. It was cold and by 2 o'clock I realized that camping out would not be wise. Fortunately an hour or so later I located a cabin I was able to spend the night in. Soon after I settled in, it started to pour down with a vengeance. During the night there were 3 inches of rain in a place that had gotten 17 inches all last year (Vanderpool, TX). I can't imagine how miserable I would have been had I camped.
This morning it had stopped raining but was still cold and heavily overcast. I did 3 successive multiple mile climbs before topping out about 10:30 this morning. Then it was a high speed downhill 12 miles to Camp Wood, TX. where I had breakfast. Finally, I had an easy, but cold, 50 miles to Bracketville where I found a cheap motel. It was with a real sense of relief that I emerged from the hill country.
Tomorrow, after about 30 miles, I'll hit the Mexican border at Del Rio, TX. The route I'm following, laid out by, zigzags west on the most obscure back roads possible.
Subagh, Go for the "thither!" I laughed out loud when I saw it. After the thither it's a doddle. Go "you ole Texan." Abrazos, David

Just a little light and (possibly blasphemous) poetry to lighten your way. (From Doug Mac)

Our Subagh who art in saddle, soreness is thy name
Thy body aches, thy will near done, this earth just ain’t no heaven.
Give us this day our daily post and forgive us our curiosity (about how much you can endure) as we forgive those who read the post before us.
Lead us not into the desert but deliver us from heatstroke, for this ride across the kingdom might have the power to lift us all to glory.

Ah…men…. (With apologies to my teacher, J.C.)

Douglas Mac