Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Practicing for the steep climbs

Another great Texas town, but at least I'm off the interstate after a hundred miles or so of it. It made me go fast, and it was mostly down hill, but it is an aesthetic failure. All that speed this am led to two flats when I hit debris going pretty fast.

I'm about a half mile N. of the Mex border and 85 miles from New Mexico, having gone about 2230 miles. Tonight a motel in El Paso; I seriously need a shower!

jeez is that the hotel?? Simran

No honey, that's the town! Subagh

Today I'm riding along I-10. The highway is smooth with gradual inclines and descents - totally built for efficiency. The trade off is that I can barely take my eyes off the road long enough to appreciate the scenery because I have to be vigilant in avoiding roadside debris.