Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 21

The weather continues wet and cold and it is common to have runs of
50-60 miles between "towns", about half of which are intersections
with a general store and slim pickin's for a vegetarian. So I have to
plan carefully: enough food and water, but not too much, and if the
weather is foul enough, where shall I sleep? Here almost all land is
fenced, gates locked, the houses no where in sight (to ask permission
to camp). It's necessary to be careful about everything: bike, food,
body, weather, cars and trucks, etc.

This am a 30 mile ride in dark cold. It rained to Del Rio. I now face 60
miles to a place that may have no lodging and could mean a cold camp.
Right after the post I just sent I realized it would be imprudent to
go on today- I was cold and wet already and it would only get worse.
So I found a motel and will take the rest of the day off. It seems
perfect as this is the middle day of the trip.

Branwen and Gary say hi and wish you great biking.