Sunday, March 22, 2009

Arizona - about 700 miles to go.

Yesterday I started on the Arizona/New Mexico border near Buckhorn, N.M.

Started yesterday at a fairly high altitude with very cold weather. I then went over three mountain passes: long slow climbs followed by often thrilling descents. The scenery was spectacular in the Arizona mountains. I ended with 30 miles across hot desert in the town of Thacher, Arizona.

I meet bikers going the other way (this is a standard cross-country route) and I am amazed by how much stuff they are hauling across the country.

A new Subagh's law (6th.?): Given time, patience, and appropriate effort all problems and crises will eventually be resolved, except for that last one that does you in.

Subagh, We have finally settled down enough at home to begin following your trip west. We appreciate that your humor shows through the tough times with hills, wind and lack of beauty. We are pulling for you every day and are looking forward to a slide show with the photographer in the near future. 800 miles to San Diego seems so easy to us after reading of your exploits so far. We wish you good fortune during your last few days. With much love, Alexsandra and Peter