Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 days to go. Phoenix, AZ

50 miles east of Phoenix

My goodness, the Phoenix sprawl goes on forever. I had to take a motel
room as it's still probably ten or twenty miles to open land where I
might camp. Traveling all day in that traffic is still another sort of
intensity, not my favorite type but, frankly, better than blandness.

For some reason my iPhone isn't sending out the pics so if I can't
figure it out I'll just post them at the end of the trip, which, by the way should be in 4 days, but who's counting. Ms Subagha and I decided to meet in San Diego instead of Santa Barbara making the trip about three days shorter. I trust that will be OK with all of

Slaker!...from Simran

Hey Subagh. I have been following you on your journey. I know that story of when you were in the hospital for two months. I remember you talking about it. I hope that you are well. I love the way that you write. Molly and I will be in NY for a visit this summer. Bonnie